Happy Mother's Day!

2012-05-17 | 12:59:49

I went to visit my mother in Quebec City for Mother's Day. It is a 10 hours drive and although I was very busy at work with real estate, my mom will not be with us for very much longer. She is 87 after all.

We had a great time chatting, sitting on her swing patio chair and just be happy to see each other.

I am truly blessed to have my mother with me still and wish I could spend more time with her than I do. However we talk each week and our relationship is really good. Not like when I was a teenager !!!

So "time is of the essence" like the lawyers say and it is now a very good time to buy and sell.

Give me a call if you're interested. And to all the moms out there: May you Mother's day was as joyfull as mine was.


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